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Dag Svensson was a reporter for Millennium.



Svensson was a bright, young journalist who approaches Millennium with his research on sex trafficking in Sweden. His girlfriend was Mia Johansson, a med student.

Investigation for MillenniumEdit

A crucial plot point in the story occurs when Salander pays Dag and Mia a visit to discuss Alexander Zalachenko. They'd never even heard Zala's full name before. Blomkvist goes to their place a little later and finds Dag and Mia's corpses. Someone shot them just moments before his arrival. Evidence is discovered and makes Salander the primary suspect in the killings.

Blomkvist decides to investigate Dag and Mia's murder for Millenium magazine, as well as to publish Dag's work posthumously once Millenium learns the identity of the couple's killer.