Milton Security is one of Sweden's most competent and trusted security firms.


Run by Dragan Armansky, the company is internationally recognized and has invested in cutting-edge technology. Milton Security hires mature ex-policemen as operations chiefs, political scientists specializing in international terrorism, and experts in personal protection and industrial espionage. Most importantly, it hires the best telecommunications technicians and information technology experts.

The company offers a new level of security to an exclusive group of clients, primarily medium-sized corporations and well-to-do private individuals – nouveau-riche rock stars, stock-market speculators, and dot-com high flyers. A part of Milton Security's activity is providing bodyguard protection and security solutions to Swedish firms abroad, especially in the Middle East. This area of their business now accounted for 70 percent of the company's turnover.

The company's operations are divided among three main areas: security consultations, which consist of identifying conceivable or imagined threats; counter-measures, which usually involve the installation of security cameras, burglar and fire alarms, electronic locking mechanisms and IT systems; and personal protection for private individuals or companies. Lately a new client group had arisen in the personal protection market: affluent women seeking protection from former boyfriends or husbands or from stalkers. In addition, Milton Security has a cooperative arrangement with similar firms of good repute in Europe and the United States. The company also handles security for many international visitors to Sweden, including an American actress who was shooting a film for two months in Trollhättan. Her agent felt that her status warranted having bodyguards accompany her whenever she took her infrequent walks near the hotel.

A fourth, considerably smaller area that occupies only a few employees is what was called PI or P-In, in internal jargon "pinders," which stands for personal investigations.

That part of their business is troublesome and less lucrative. It puts greater demands on the employees' judgement and experience than on their knowledge of telecommunications technology or the installation of surveillance apparatus. Milton Security's personal investigations work usually involve a matter of credit information, background checks before hiring, or investigating suspicions that some employee had leaked company information or engaged in criminal activity. In such cases the pinders are an integral part of the operational activity.