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Miriam Wu is Lisbeth Salander's friend and occasional lover. She is the only person Lisbeth has ever introduced to Evil Fingers. She is of French and Chinese descent.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Miriam "Mimmi" Wu is described to be very muscular, as she works out many times a week. She does Thai kickboxing activities.She has raven black hair cut short, and slight asian features which she inherits from her mother (who is from Hong Kong). She has blue eyes inherited from her French father.

The Girl With the Dragon TattooEdit

She is first seen asleep in Lisbeth's bed (presumably after having sex with her) until Mikael arrives to talk to Lisbeth where she was forced to leave.

The Girl Who Played With FireEdit

In The Girl Who Played with Fire Lisbeth gives Miriam her old apartment.This way, Mimmi can have a nice place to live, and Salander can continue getting mail at her old apartment, keeping her new address nice and secret. When Lisbeth gives Mimmi her old apartment, Mimmi in turn gives Lisbeth a gift from her previous birthday (Lisbeth had been out of the country during her birthday). This gift was a gold cigarette case (in the Swedish version). Mimmi stated "If you're going to continue that dirty habit, you can at least do it in style." Lisbeth mentioned at that time that Mimmi was the only person who ever gave her birthday presents. Later she visited Paris, but when she returned she was taken in for questioning where she was harassed by Hans Faste, who made some inappropriate comments of her homosexuality, and felt threatened by her. She is later kidnapped by Ronald Neidermann after he found that Miriam and Lisbeth know eachother. She is brought to an abandoned barn where she is about to be tortured for information regarding Lisbeth's whereabouts to which she has no idea about. She is then rescued by Paolo Roberto and with their combined efforts, they manage to escape Neidermann.

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's NestEdit

Mimmi spends most of the time in Paris where she lives with her parents. Lisbeth visits her there.



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