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Nils Bjurman is Lisbeth Salander's guardian, assigned to her after her previous guardian becomes ill. He laters proves to be a very sick and twisted man who takes pleasure in tormenting Lisbeth and even rapes her.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Bjurman is appointed as Lisbeth Salander's new guardian when Holger Palmgren suffers a heart attack. At their second meeting he informs Salander that she has to give over access to all of her bank accounts. Palmgren allowed her to control her own finances but Bjurman wants to control every aspect of her life.

Lisbeth and bjurman
When Lisbeth's computer is destroyed, she is forced to go to Bjurman for money. Bjurman, to prove who's in charge, molests her and forces her to pleasure him sexually. Because of her previous problems with the police, Lisbeth decides to take matters into her own hands. At their next meeting, she comes prepared with a hidden video camera. But, to her horror and dismay, she realizes she has misjudged Bjurman; he attacks and brutally rapes her.

Once she recovered, she pays Bjurman another visit but has come prepared, this time with a taser gun. She subdues him before he can attack her again and ties and gags him. She continues to tell him that he will make non-existent reports on her good behavior and two years time, he will declare her legally competent and send the reports to the courts.

He stares at her hatefully and thinks hateful thoughts before she decides to let him live. Thinking that "she's dim enough" to let him live, she had borrowed tattoo equipment and tattoos the words "I AM A SADISTIC PIG AND RAPIST" into his chest.

The Girl Who Played With Fire

After the events of Dragon Tattoo, Bjurman was devastated and felt emasculation. He took time off from work and dropped all of his clients except for Lisbeth Salander. He was terrified of what would happen if the video of him raping her came out. One night he awake to find, to his terror, Salander standing at the foot of his bed with a gun telling him that she knows that he hasn't been living up to his end of their deal and warns him not to remove the tattoo she did or she will kill him. Tired of being controlled by Salander, Bjurman hires Zala to get rid of her. Then Bjurman is brutally murdered.

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest

The next time Bjurman is mentioned, Lisbeth is on trail for his murder. Thanks to her lawyer Annika Giannini, Lisbeth is cleared of all charges especially after the DVD of Bjurman raping her, which was found by Annika's brother Mikael Blomkvist, is played for the judges.