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Stellan Skarsgård
Full Name
Stellan Skarsgård
13 June 1951
Gothenburg, Västra Götalands län, Sweden
Years Active

Stellan Skarsgård plays Martin Vanger in the 2011 movie adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.


Skarsgård started his acting career early. At the age of 20 he already had a great deal of experience in film, TV and stage. Most of his early roles were in Swedish TV (such as Bombi Bitt) and movies.

To foreigners Skarsgård is particularly associated with director Lars von Trier. He appeared in three of the Danish auteur's features including The Kingdom, Breaking the Waves and Dogville. His most personal working relationship, however, is with Norwegian director Hans Petter Moland. Relevant films here are Kjærlighetens kjøtere, Aberdeen and A Somewhat Gentle Man (2010). Skarsgård considers Moland a close friend. Before shooting their next project in 2009 he said of their relationship: "We're like an old married couple and I get separation anxiety." Aside from these, his best-known Scandinavian work is probably his leading role in another Norwegian film as the guilt-ridden policeman Jonas Engström in the original Insomnia.

He was considered for the role of Oskar Schindler in Schindler's List. Skarsgård reported that people often mistook him for Liam Neeson who portrayed Schindler in the film. Skarsgård would in fact replace Neeson in Exorcist: The Beginning (2004). He had a guest stint on the HBO TV Series Entourage as Verner Vollstedt, the German director of the fictional film Smokejumpers who has a bias against the main character Vincent Chase, one of the stars of the film.

According to Swedish news site Ystads Allehanda, Skarsgård has joined the cast of Thor in an unspecified role.


Year Film Role Notes
1968 Bombi Bitt och jag Bombi Bitt Bombi Bitt and Me, mini TV series
1972 Firmafesten Peter aka The Office Party
Strandhugg i somras Erik a.k.a. Raid in the Summer
Magnetisören Soldier TV
1973 Fem døgn i August Christer a.k.a. Five days in August
Bröllopet Roffe Eriksson a.k.a. The Wedding
1974 Anita - ur en tonårsflickas dagbok Erik a.k.a. Anita: Swedish Nymphet
The Intruders Peter Delaney, their son a.k.a. Fait acompli
1977 Tabu Jan-Erik a.k.a. Taboo
Hemåt i natten Kurt Sjöberg a.k.a. Homeward in the Night
1982 The Simple-Minded Murder Sven Den enfaldige mördaren
1983 P & B Karl-Johan 'Charlie' Pettersson
1984 Åke och hans värld Ebenholtz a.k.a. Åke and His World
1985 Falsk som vatten Stig a.k.a. False as Water
Noon Wine Olaf Helton
Pelle Svanslös i Amerikatt Pelle Swanson, voice a.k.a. Peter-No-Tail in Americat
1986 Ormens väg på hälleberget Karl Orsa Markström a.k.a. The Serpent's Way
1987 Jim & piraterna Blom Gustav, Jim's Father a.k.a. Jim and the Pirates
Hip hip hurra! Sören Kröyer a.k.a. Hip Hip Hurrah!
1988 The Unbearable Lightness of Being The Engineer
Vargens tid Peder Ulfstand a.k.a. Arilds tid/Time of the Wolf
Friends Matt
The Perfect Murder Axel Svensson
1989 S/Y Glädjen Klas Larsson a.k.a. S/Y Joy
Täcknamn Coq Rouge Carl Hamilton a.k.a. Code Name Coq Rouge
Vildanden Gregers Werle a.k.a. The Wild Duck
Kvinnorna på taket Willy a.k.a. The Women on the Roof
Förhöret Carl Hamilton a.k.a. The interrogation
1990 The Hunt for Red October Capt. Tupolev
God afton, Herr Wallenberg Raoul Wallenberg a.k.a. Good Evening, Mr. Wallenberg
1991 Oxen Helge Roos a.k.a. The Ox
1992 Den demokratiske terroristen Carl Hamilton a.k.a. The Democratic Terrorist
Wind Joe Heiser
1993 Kådisbellan Fritiof Schütt a.k.a. Innocent Life
Sista dansen Host in Norrköping a.k.a. The Last Dance
1995 Jönssonligans största kupp Herman Melvin a.k.a. The Jönsson Gang's Greatest Robbery
Kjærlighetens kjøtere Randbæk a.k.a. Zero Kelvin
Hundarna i Riga Magnus Björk a.k.a. The Dogs of Riga/The Hounds of Riga
1996 Harry och Sonja Harry Olsson a.k.a. Harry and Sonja
Breaking the Waves Jan Nyman
1997 Insomnia Jonas Engström
My Son the Fanatic Schitz
Amistad Tappan
Good Will Hunting Prof. Gerald Lambeau
Riget II Swedish lawyer TV miniseries
1998 Glasblåsarns barn Albert a.k.a. The Glass-blower's Children
Savior Peter Dominic
Ronin Gregor
Deep Blue Sea Jim Whitlock
2000 Harlan County War Warren Jakopovich
Passion of Mind William Granther
Signs & Wonders Alec
Timecode Alex Green
Dancer in the Dark Doctor
Aberdeen Tomas
The Hire: Powder Keg Harvey Jacobs
Kiss Kiss (Bang Bang) Felix
2001 Taking Sides Dr. Wilhelm Furtwängler
The Glass House Terrence 'Terry' Glass
2002 City of Ghosts Joseph Kaspar
2003 No Good Deed Tyrone Abernathy
Att döda ett barn (voice) Narrator a.k.a. To Kill a Child
Helen of Troy Theseus
Dogville Chuck
2004 King Arthur Cerdic
Exorcist: The Beginning Father Merrin
2005 Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist Father Lankester Merrin
Beowulf & Grendel Hrothgar
3 & 3 Stangl
2006 Kill Your Darlings Erik's Father
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Bootstrap Bill Turner
Goya's Ghosts Francisco Goya
2007 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Bootstrap Bill Turner
Arn – The Knight Templar Birger Brosa
2008 WΔZ Eddie Argo
God on Trial Baumgarten
Arn – The Kingdom at Road's End Birger Brosa
Entourage Werner (3 episodes)
Mamma Mia! Bill Anderson
2009 Boogie Woogie Bob Maccelstone
Angels & Demons Commander Maximilian Richter
Frankie and Alice Dr. Oz
Metropia Ralph
2010 A Somewhat Gentle Man Ulrik En ganske snill mann or Regnskap
The Galapagos Affair Friedrich
Submission Narrator (English version)
2011 Thor Post-production
Melancholia Post-production
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Martin Vanger filming